SPECIAL NOUVEAU CLIENT - 3 séances privées pour 280chf

Nouvelle offre spéciale petit groupe client - 3 cours pour 120chf

NEW CLIENT SPECIAL - 3 privates sessions for 250chf

SPÉCIAL NOUVEAU CLIENT - 3 séances privées pour 280chf


Marian & Miguel –



With over 42 years experience in the Pilates Industry, Marian Tarín and Miguel Jorge are true Pilates Gurus whom are highly sought after. 


Their forte is being to explain clearly 

  • How to Read Your Clients’ Bodies 
  • Understand the Interrelations Between Exercises and Equipment and
  • Create Transformative Pilates Workouts For Life-Changing Results

Join them in an fully equipped Gratz studio, providing a conducive environment for learning.  


Saturday March 2 (10h-17h30)


Matwork class for everyone


Workshop 1 – Transitions Are The Work

Transform the Reformer repertoire into one unique exercise which changes shape and position in space throughout the session. Discover Miguel’s most effective, optimal and sometimes extra challenging transitions and keep your heart beating and body sweating non-stop!


Workshop 2 –  ABS In The Studio

Learn how to use the equipment in the studio to completely transforms the dynamics and execution of the series of 5. Find out how to perform this series on multiple apparatuses in the studio and when to choose one or the other according to the student’s needs. Your understanding of this series, considered the root of the Method, will never be the same again!



Sunday March 3 (10h-17h30)


Matwork class for everyone


Workshop 1 – Arm Springs for EveryBody

Dive deep into the upper body effectively address the complexity within the upper girdle through the magic of the Arm Springs!  Discover new ways to enhance your powerhouse through your arms, chest, shoulders and upper back!


Workshop 2 – A Personalized Cadillac

Unearth new ways to adequately personalize an infinity of exercise options on the Cadillac/Wall Unit according to the different needs of each body, but still guarantee the even development of the muscle-skeleton system through the proper intensity, suitable repetitions, and appropriate function of the spine.

Want more???

VIP DAY March 1 2024


Add a VIP UPGRADE on Friday MARCH 1, 2024. Price – 1,300chf.

Limited to 6 participants This Includes:

  • VIP Day with Pilatistic Old School Pilates – a Private class with either Marian or Miguel
  • The exclusive right to observe 5 hours of both teaching in action
  • 2 nights’ stay at Auberge de Confignon (Friday and Saturday night)
  • Private Friday night Fine Dining Dinner with Marian & Miguel at the Auberge de Confignon (open only to VIP guests only)
  • Breakfast – Saturday and Sunday
  • Lunch – Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Photos of you ready for your Social Media ad Website use
  • Private transfer to/from hotel & studio on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
All levels are welcome. Space is limited.