NEW CLIENT SPECIAL - 3 privates sessions for 280chf


NEW CLIENT SPECIAL - 3 privates sessions for 250chf

NEW CLIENT SPECIAL - 3 privates sessions for 280chf



In this new series of “Pilates Stories” I will be sharing some of my students’ experiences, to give you an idea of what could happen in your first three classes. Keep reading to see how Pilates has helped Nicole’s neck and shoulder pain.

At One Pilates, we require all students to begin with 3 private lessons, so that we can assess your body and your posture, but also so that you have a better understanding of where we are heading on your Pilates journey. We take the time to listen to your needs and understand your goals and introduce you to the principles of Pilates, so you have the fundamental foundations to start you off on the right track.

Nicole (not her real name) came to me suffering from neck and shoulder pain. She works in the production of watches and spends 8 hours a day hunched over her workstation, so her pains were unsurprising!

We had a long discussion on how to make ergonomic suggestions to her work place and she brought photos of her work station and surrounding space. This way we could intelligently integrate Pilates into her everyday work life.

The first class was all about teaching her how to hold herself with her pelvis and spine and giving her body the optimal chance to sit tall. Nicole also discovered what her core is!

During the next two classes we worked on how she could stabilize her shoulder girdle and mindfully connect her arms with her centre. This was a complete revelation to her and really made her think about how she functions at work. It was a key shift in bringing conscious movement to her daily life.

Of course, during these first 3 classes Nicole opened up her back, and also moved and stretched her whole body in every possible direction! She felt so great that since then Nicole has continued with a mix of private classes and a group class every week, so she has the optimal chance to help herself.

She found it very powerful to have learnt some simple basics that has greatly helped her in improving her neck and shoulder issues. We give her homework during her private lessons that allows her to ‘reset’ her posture consistently during her work day; she has recently told me that these ‘adjustments’ have become automatic and Pilates has greatly helped her from all that pain and tension!