NEW CLIENT SPECIAL - 3 privates sessions for 250chf

NEW CLIENT SPECIAL - 3 privates sessions for 250chf



Welcome back to my blog everyone!  

I want to share my story about how I wound up in my first Pilates class. 

Despite having an active, stereotypical outdoorsy Australian childhood (cue anything involving sand, surf, and sea), going on to become a CPA and working in the financial sector meant that either I was at a desk all day or wedged on a long-haul plane journey. I thought I was doing a pretty good job at keeping fit; I was a classic ‘weekend warrior’ – running, hitting the gym or trying some new physical activity, always throwing myself in at full throttle.


Looking back I was probably doing more harm than good because I would only realize that I’d gone too far when I had hurt myself in some way. At this point I probably had an average office worker body – tight hip flexors, shoulders hunching forward and a bad back in the making.


When my second child was born by emergency caesarean, an American friend insisted that Pilates “is what ALL the supermodels and celebrities did” especially to get back into shape after childbirth, so I thought I would give it a go and joined her class.


As you would expect, I was pathetic! I couldn’t do a roll up, I didn’t know where my pelvic floor was, on a good day I could bend down and touch my knees, I was so inflexible. I looked around at everyone and thought this is just not possible. Am I really in such a bad state?


Pilates exercises looked so easy and yet were so difficult, but I was intrigued.


What brought you to your first class? An injury? Pregnancy? A friend who needed company?


If you are a Pilates teacher, what is your funniest experience with a first timer?


I would love to hear your stories from around the world!